In April 2013, Vit Jedlicka, a Czech polician planted a flat on a piece of land, claiming this ‘terra nulls’ on the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia, unsorted since the end of Yugoslavia. A new micro nation was born: Liberland, a state based on libertarian concepts, with its flag, the draft of a constitution and its motto “Live and let live.” After a few weeks, this forgotten corner of the Balkans attracted the attention of a group of Danish activists, who created and funded LSA (Liberland Settlement Association) and decided to occupy the territory. During the whole summer, they launched several missions to settle on Liberland. Reinventing themselves as pioneers and adventurers, activists from around the world reenacted narratives of conquest and nation builders. The Croatian border police patrolling the area never gave them a chance and arrests followed. While Vit Jedlicka was travelling the world looking for a diplomatic and political recognition of the new country, Liberlanders living at LSA HQ in Serbia, experimented for a whole summer their dream of freedom.

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