Haunted – Nuclear Landscapes

Haunted questions our paradoxical relation with the nuclear industry, our energy dependency and the unresolved politics of nuclear waste. The project is rooted in the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy, France, which uniquely features every stage of the nuclear industrial cycle, from production, to refuelling, to waste repository. Using collected data, cartography, uranium glass, sound and images, the project invites the viewer into a direct encounter with radioactivity. Radiotoxic landscapes request new regimes of visibility. Volatile, ubiquitous and invisible, radioactive isotopes flow and inhabit the quaint and quiet landscapes in La Hague where three nuclear installations define one of the most nuclearised territory on earth. The half life of man made isotopes used for electricity production extend for thousands of years. Slow time and toxicity coalesce to design unlikely assemblages of trace evidence within in pristine landscape.

Installation with uranium glass, photography and sound

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Agnès Villette, Safecast Geiger Nano, 2017-ilovepdf-compressed-001
Haunted 5
Haunted 6-min
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Haunted installation 2
Haunted 12
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Haunted installation 1